Childbirth Education

Private, Customized Childbirth Classes

Couple with baby after birth-Austin Childbirth Education

Would you like a private childbirth class in the comfort of your home? You can set the dates and times that fit with your schedule, and we can work out a curriculum that meets your needs.  We will cover all the bases to make sure you and your partner are prepared for your upcoming birth with a solid background in the research so that you can make informed decisions, so you know what to expect when your birthing time comes, and you and your partner have the tools to face the intensity of labor as a team.  You may pick any of the following modules to customize your birth class.

Module 1: Anatomy and Physiology of Labor (2 hours-$60)


  • the basics of what is happening to your body during labor and birth
  • the stages of labor and what to expect along the way
  • the role of birth hormones in facilitating the progress of labor 

Module 2: Choices in Childbirth: Pt 1 (2 hours-$60)


  • how to assess the benefits and risks of various common interventions in birth based on current research
  • your options for vaginal exams, electronic fetal monitoring, pain medications, Pitocin augmentation, pushing techniques, etc.
  • how to write a birth plan

Module 3: Choices in Childbirth: Pt 2 (2 hours-$60)


  • how to plan and accommodate the unexpected
  • plan B and C: inductions and cesareans
  •  your options and the evidence for baby care (skin-to-skin, delayed bathing, Vitamin K shot, eye ointment, etc)

Module 4: Labor Comfort Measures (2 hours-$60)


  • relaxation strategies, breathing techniques, visualizations for labor
  • hands-on techniques for physical support
  • positions for labor and birth
  • exercises for optimal fetal positioning

Module 5: Postpartum, Breastfeeding, and Newborn Care (2 hours-$60)


  • what to expect and how to prepare for the postpartum period
  • basics in breastfeeding (positioning, latch, and maintaining supply)
  • basics in newborn care (diapering, normal pee and poop, swaddling, soothing techniques, safe sleep)

Comprehensive Childbirth Class (10 hours-$250)

Take all five modules (10 hours) and receive a $50 discount!